How To Create A Facebook Ad?

One of the most effective ways to promote your Facebook page is to create and run a Facebook ad. We will briefly go through the steps of creating a mini campaign on Facebook, as follows:

Go to

Click on the Create an Ad button.

Enter your landing page URL in the Destination URL field.

Enter the title for your ad in the Title field.

Enter the body text of your ad in the Body Text field.

Upload an Image for your ad.

Click on the Continue button when you’re done.

Under Targeting:

Choose the location you want to target.

Choose the Demographics you want to target.

Enter the keywords that you want to target in the Likes and Interests field.

You can also target users based on their connections (e.g., if they are members of a particular group and things like that).

Click on the Continue button when you’re done.

Enter the budget and schedule for your ad.

Click on the Review Ad button when you’re done.

When everything is in order, click on the Place Order button.

Choose your desired payment method and click Okay.

Provide the required information.


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