Why is Facebook Good for Business?

I often hear “Ok, Facebook is great, but how much good can it actually do to my business?”. A lot. With more than 500 million members (which is still growing ad a very rapid pace), out of which 50% log on to Facebook in any given day and with a time spend of over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook, this is definitely something good for business. That is, if you do things correctly.

If the numbers above are not yet enough to give you an answer for this question, think about this… With Facebook you can:

1.    Gain exposure for your business that may lead to new clients or projects;
2.    Increase the credibility of your business through Facebook users’ recommendations;
3.    Connect with the people in your network;
4.    Re-connect with business contacts you’ve lost touch with; and
5.    Meet new people and expand your business network.

In addition to what is already mentioned above, what makes Facebook great for business is that:

  • It is popular with all age groups (that is except for people below the age of 13 who generally don’t have any purchasing powers anyway);
  • Facebook pages appear on search engines and are accessible to everyone (even people who are not Facebook members);
  • Facebook provides you with a two-way communication channel between you and your customers and prospects;
  • It is very easy to share stuff on Facebook and, because of that, things can spread rapidly on Facebook; and
  • Facebook has a ton of components/features that are very well suited for marketing.

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