Paid or Free Advertising For Your Website ? Part I

We are often asked which is the best option for small businesses, paid or free online advertising? Some business think that paid is a better option and they follow this strategy. Others may be on a small budget that does not allow for much paid advertising and they would turn to free advertising. I will go through a list of options and take one by one some of the paid and free online advertising channels and see what each has to offer.

Online Paid Advertising Channels

Paid advertising includes, among others, sponsored search campaigns, pay-per-click advertising, banner ads, text links. They are highly-targeted, attract prospects to your website, generate leads that transform into buyers. That means that people who are most qualified to land on your website will do that and, from there, they are most likely to join an opt in list of prospects.

Google Adwords

This is the Pay per Click-based Google product that allows you to precisely target your chosen audience. You will be able to define a list of words and phrases (keywords) that act as a trigger for the PPC ad. Once triggered, AdWords displays the associated advertisements (ad copy or Adtext), effectively allowing your business to easily target those most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Display Advertising

Often referred to as banners, it represents advertising in graphical form, that appears next to content on various web pages. It has different sizes and formats and can include text, logos, pictures, or rich media. When a viewer clicks on an ad, he will immediately be directed to the product’s website. They are generally paid when ads are clicked upon, meaning that the person that purchases Internet ads will only pay for people visiting their website. Other payment options are ads paid on a “per-impression” basis versus a “per-click” basis.

Text Links Advertising

One of the most effective ways to increase traffic and rank higher in search is to use text link advertising. Text links are static link ads that are placed on high quality, high traffic web properties. Also, they have the role to generate a vote of popularity for your site, as they will be seen and recognized by the search engines.

Facebook Ads

This is ad space that you can buy on Facebook on a click-based or impression-based fee, allowing you to tailor your ad campaign based on budget and other preferences. Facebook ads are more flexible that Google ads, as they offer additional character length for ad descriptions. Also, they are customizable by targeting age, personal interests and more.


Although they are more often found in offline world, advertorials are sometimes preferred because of their unobtrusive nature and good marketed information. Usually, this advertising channel implies working close with bloggers and online influencers and attracting them in promotional  campaigns  for your brands.

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