Benefits of Facebook Pages

We are asked by businesses, both large and small,  what are the benefits of Facebook pages for brands and what are the little secrets to attracting new customers and website visitors. Actually, with simple tricks that are both affordable and easy, your great idea or product can be become a fan favorite on Facebook!

Why have a Facebook page?

Increasing your global exposure with a page for your product or service provides a simple way for people to connect with you and tell their friends about you.  The beauty of it is that the benefits are accessible to even the smallest business and it takes nothing more than passion and purpose to attract “likes” and begin to reap all of the benefits they have to offer.

Without any effort or expense on your part, Facebook’s search feature will yield your page as a search result and people who share your interest will soon find you.  To help attract more visitors to your brand page without any cost, you can spread the word about your new page to your current client database and Facebook connections.  Considering that the average Facebook user has 130 friends, there is nearly endless potential for attracting new people to your page simply by reaching out to those you already know and asking them to help you make connections! Naturally, you also will want to be sure to promote your Facebook page on your website, and vice versa..

Here’s a begginer’s list of benefits of Facebook Pages:

1. Attract more traffic to your website through page links
People who find you on Facebook are likely to be interested enough in your product or service to click on a link that will take them directly to your website.

2. Effortless income potential
Through Facebook’s innovative advertising options, you can generate income and target certain demographics and like-minded potential customers for very low cost.

3. Easier search engine optimization
A Facebook page does more than heighten your exposure within the social network; it increases the likelihood of your name being found more easily on search engines, like Google.

4. Increased customer loyalty
Current customers who follow your Facebook page will develop a personal connection to your product or service, especially if you are diligent about feedback and responses to their posts.  The page offer fans opportunities to post pictures, provide product reviews and for loyal fans to post feedback and comments that can attract others and give you priceless insight into the wants and needs of your target audience.

5. Get to know your customers
With Facebook’s detailed analytics, you gain access to valuable information about those who follow your page, such as their gender, age and location.  Gaining a better understanding of the demographics of your fan base can help you more effectively reach particular individuals with targeted, customizable advertising.

Facebook is fast becoming the common element that links people from across the globe.  As friends connect on Facebook, they naturally share information about products and services they use and love.  That is where the Facebook page and its great potential for business owners come into play. We will be back with more on that, with a special free guide on how to actually use Facebook for business.

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