How I Started Using WordPress For B2B Events Websites

When I was a marketing coordinator for a media & publishing group, I had to coordinate the promotion of tens of business-to-business events. As they had separate unique brand identities, we had to create a website for each one, and that lead us to merely building a new website almost every two weeks.

For years, that was a hugely laborious job!.. Each site had different layouts, designs, html files. We spent so much time putting up a good looking website … First the layouts were designed, then we had to approve them with the management, then the programming department started their cryptic stuff, then he management changed their mind, and so on and so forth…

After a while, we started using flexible content management systems. That allowed us, as marketing people, to upload content ourselves. We were able to change the information into a framework website, which was adapted from one event to another. Although we depended less on tech people to do the job, there were still a lot of tasks – such as changing logos, pictures, layouts – that we couldn’t perform without their support.

It wasn’t until we started using WordPress that we came to a considerable liberty and autonomy with our websites. For us, WordPress was definitely the best platform for websites and blogs.  It offered unparalleled flexibility and power. I remember how our traffic went way up when we made the switch from static to WordPress!

You dont have to need a new website every week to appreciate WordPress for your business. It comes with so many benefits, that I can only start enumerate some of them: flexibility, beautiful pre-designed layouts, hundreds of plugins that can be adapted and integrated to virtually everything on the Internet, usability and user-friendliness, quick and easy installation, the fact it is open source with been built in PHP, self – updating, better SEO rankings, enhanced functionality, and so many others!

In the future, we will continue to post here on the blog articles on various subjects regarding how you can use and make the most of WordPress as THE platform for your website or blog. Stay Tuned!

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