Mobile Series: How to Start Using Mobile Marketing For Your Business

Keeping track of the many different ways that your company can market its products and brands in the modern age is getting more and more difficult.  The big problem is that there’s so many ways to do it, that figuring out the best ones for your business and how they all work can be quite a chore.

Mobile marketing is the cutting edge of advertising right now.

The term “mobile marketing” tends to refer to one of two ideas: the first one being marketing through mobile devices such as cell phones, and the second one marketing through physically moving objects, such as moving billboards or road shows. On this blog, we’re going to discuss the first variety of mobile marketing, as getting on board with the second variety is simple enough – at its very base, you could just nail a sign on the side of a truck and that would fall under the second variety of mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is becoming increasingly popular and breaking into it as a startup company is one of the best ways to hit the marketplace with a bang.  Mobile marketing has entered the stage where it’s still considered somewhat revolutionary and a definite novelty, but is also mainstream enough that most of the younger crowd will be receptive to the marketing.

The rise of the smartphone

Most forms of mobile marketing are centered around mobile phones.  Part of the reasoning why mobile marketing has taken off so much in the past few years has been the advent and popularity of smartphones.  With the technology of phones and computers merging as rapidly as they have over the past few years, it should come as no surprise that the marketing wave generated by the spread of personal computers and the increasingly ubiquitous nation  of the Internet is starting to spread out into the mobile phone.

If you are a startup company, particularly one who is trying to market to the thirty five and younger set, taking a foray out into mobile marketing via cell phones and smartphones is an excellent choice if you’re looking to make your products and brand stand on the cutting edge.  It’s important to keep up with the times when it comes to marketing, particularly when you’re working as a startup.  It’s more important than ever to make a serious impression on the market when you’re first launching yourself into it as a business – and mobile marketing is one way to make that happen.


We will continue the series on mobile marketing with one article per week, in which we will cover some of the most effective strategies and ideas for mobile marketing such as: advertising formats for mobile, mobile content that sells, apps for mobile, mobile games and others.

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