5 Essential Internet Marketing Tools For Small Businesses

There are dozens of tools that small businesses can use to leverage the power of the Internet in order to promote their brands. I picked five out of those, as they are both basic, simple tools and also can really make a difference if used correctly.


Whether it is an easy to update website or a company blog, WordPress is an option worth exploring.  The software is free and really easy to use. Plus, once WordPress is set up you can easily update content or create new pages without knowing HTML. It is enough to search the WordPress Plug-In Directory or to type in to Google any enhancement you can think of, and you will find an answer. From there, you add the new features to your website or blog without having to hire a web developer. Also, WordPress sites tend to do much better in the search engines and rank well quickly It takes no more than five minutes to set up the software.”


This is one of the most appreciated email marketing software available now. Aweber is an autoresponder that will help increase your profits by getting new customers, retaining customers for longer, and getting customers to buy more. Its main functions are to create and build online relationships (with prospective clients or customers) and to deliver the products (such as audio download links and information products such as ebooks). It builds email lists, sends email communications and delivers electronic media products.


Facebook can be a highly effective tool for your business, with its great applications for marketing products, landing gigs and connecting your brand with its customers. With the fastest growing demographic in the 25 and older group, Facebook is not only the most popular online social networking site but also the place where your target audience is. By investing some time and energy into Facebook you can build brand loyalty, establish your expertise, engage your customers on a deeper level, and drive qualified leads back to your website.


Google AdWords is an inexpensive way to spread the word. Still, if you don’t do some careful planning, you can easily find yourself spending thousands of dollars with little to show for it. There are some rules to follow when using Google Adwords for promoting your business. First, be sure AdWords is the right choice, then set a realistic budget. Narrow your keyword net by brackets and quotes to focus your AdWords campaign, create specific landing pages tied directly to the ad you’re running to maximize your chances of turning visitors into customers.

Online Video

Video engages people in a way that static text and images cannot. There are dozens of studies that show the power of video to boost customer interaction, drive sales, encourage viral sharing, and build brand awareness. I recommend to use video in order to position your business or brand differently, in a way that engages your customer faster than any other way of promotion.

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