10 Reasons To Start-Up A Business

Whether they are tired of corporate politics, are seeking more of a work-life balance or desire to spend more time with their families, more and more people leave corporate world and enter the realm of small business.

A business should start the moment you find real passion in what you want to do. And that almost always means change. Whether it is changing what we do, how we think or how we relate to our time. We may think that there is never a perfect time for change, but every day matters. So if you’re not on the path you’d like to be on, make the move. There’s no better time like the present to start living your most meaningful life.

Here are 10 reasons that will lead you out of the “job” mentality and toward the more fulfilling life of running your own show:

1. You Can See The Immediate Impact Of Your Decisions

As a corporate employee, you are actually working to fulfill someone else’ s dream. The difference between an employee and an entrepreneur is somehow similar to working on a big tanker versus being the captain of a small high-speed boat.

2. You Get To Set Your Own Terms

You are able to manage a business on your own terms—terms they might not otherwise achieve if they chose to adapt to the demanding expectations and requirements that go with high-level corporate positions

3. Work/Life Balance

Being a successful business owner can be rewarding and provide a work-life balance that no corporate position possibly could.

4.The Time Is Right

The economic tsunami has created in fact room for opportunities. When everyone is down and out, their needs become more urgent. More, you can find higher quality people less expensively than ever before.

5. Technology Makes It Easier

Technology has evolved rapidly and opens up unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs. You can market your business effectively, efficiently and inexpensively like never before.

6. You Can Make A Living Fast

It used to be that businesses would take years and years of losses to get to the point of making enough money to pay for you to live. You had to raise a significant amount of capital up front, usually from friends, family or savings. Today you can start with zero capital.

7. A Traditional “Job” Isn’t Necessarily More Secure

With Wall Street practically collapsing overnight, the truth is that no job is safe in this world. At least doing a start-up you can keep survival function in your control. While ‘being fired’ is a one way decision, going bankrupt in the start-up world, is a two ways street. You can fight back.

8. You Can Follow Your Passion

If people of all backgrounds and disciplines were working at what comes most naturally to them, world would be a better place. A start-up is the chance to transform passion into a way to make a living.

9. It’s Not A Zero Sum Game

You will know pretty fast whether you are building something that people want. In some time period under 60 days. If you are wrong, take a step back and move to the next thing. If you are right, then keep doing it.

10. Failure Is Not The End

The worst that can happen, isn’t really that bad. Failure at a startup, DOES NOT mean failure at life. Even though it will come with physically, emotionally, and financially hurt, failure is not the end of it.  You can fail and start over. You will bounce back and “live to fight another day”.

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